Bach Flower Therapy/Counselling

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A Dr Bach consultation is time just for you. We will discuss your emotions and feelings and identify what you would like to change. We will explore the remedies together and I will help you to select which remedies will be most beneficial for you in a bespoke remedy bottle.

Bach flower remedies are a natural and gentle way to help you gain equilibrium of your emotions. There are 38 remedies in total and they can be taken individually or blended into a bespoke mix just for you.

You may find the remedies take effect quite quickly or you may need to take them for a longer period of time. It can be helpful to use the analogy of an onion when describing how the remedies work. As layers of our onion are peeled away, new feelings and emotions are then able to emerge and show themselves, these can be feelings that have always been there but were not allowed to be. As each layer is revealed , new emotions and feelings within us are also revealed.

Bach flower remedies are safe, non toxic and have no side effects. They are a complimentary therapy and can be used with other complimentary therapies as well as conventional medicine.

I will mix a bespoke remedy bottle for you in a 30ml dropper bottle, with 2 drops of your selected flower essence and mineral water. Your bespoke remedy bottle can be kept refrigerated for up to three weeks or I can add a preservative of brandy or cider vinegar if you wish.

Take 4 drops of your remedy bottle at least 4 times a day. You may put the drops directly onto your tongue (taking care not to touch the dropper with you tongue) or you can put the drops into drinks. It is recommended you take 4 drops in the morning, 4 drops before bed and the other drops during the day.

For advice and guidance on the remedies please contact me.

Consultations can be conducted in person, via skype, email or telephone.

The 38 remedies are listed below. If you do not wish to have a consultation you may like to choose up to 7 remedies below and I can mix them for you (Price is £15 inc P&P)

Agrimony: For when we hide our problems behind a cheerful face.

Aspen: For feelings of fear with no known origin.

Beech: For feelings of intolerance to others.

Centaury: For people who find it hard to say no, weak willed and easily led.

Cerato: For when we do not trust our own judgement and seek confirmation from others.

Cherry Plum: For fear of losing control and behaving irrational.

Chestnut Bud: For when we do not learn from past mistakes.

Chicory: For when we are feeling possessive and over protective about others. Happy to give love but expect love back in return.

Clematis: For when we are not living in the present but dreaming about the future.

Crab Apple: For when we feel unclean or have a poor self image.

Elm: For when we feel overwhelmed with responsibilities.

Gentian: For when we are discouraged after a setback.

Gorse: For when we feel hopeless and there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Heather: For talkative people who are preoccupied with their own problems.

Holly: For feelings of jealousy, envy and hate.

Honeysuckle: For when we are not living in the present but living in the past and in a state of nostalgia.

Hornbeam: For feelings of weariness at just the thought of doing something. That Monday morning feeling.

Impatiens: For feelings of irritation cause by being impatient when things, or people do not move as quickly as you would like.

Larch: For lack of self confidence.

Mimulus: For fear of known things.

Mustard: For deep gloom with no origin.

Oak: For when we keep going even though we are exhausted. Duty driven and reliable people.

Olive: For mental and physical exhaustion after great exertion.

Pine: For feelings of guilt and self reproach.

Red Chestnut: For feelings of over concern about others.

Rock Rose: For feelings of terror.

Rock Water: For feelings of inflexibility. People who set themselves very high standards.

Scelranthus: For feelings of indecision particularly between 2 possibilities.

Star of Bethlehem: For comfort after a shock such as accident, bereavement, bad news etc.

Sweet Chestnut: For feelings of extreme mental anguish.

Vervain: For feelings of over enthusiasm, fixed principled people.

Vine: For feelings of being assertive and inflexible to the point of dominating others.

Walnut: For protection from change and outside influences.

Water Violet: For calm, capable, self reliant people who can find themselves lonely.

White Chestnut: For obsessive, worrying thoughts.

Wild Oat: For uncertainty as to the correct path in life.

Wild Rose: For feelings of resignation and apathy.

Willow: For feelings of self pity and resentment.