Welcome to Essence Holistic Well-being.

Alex Goodridge (BFRP, MNCS (Prof Accred), (MBACP)

My name is Alex and I am passionate about holistic healing and feel true balance can only be achieved when we acknowledge the link between our mind, body and spirit. After completing my degree I worked for many years in early years and primary education. It was whilst working with children, and since having my own children, that I became aware of how our individuality and emotional intelligence also needs to be appreciated and nurtured.

I did further training to become a qualified counsellor MNCS (Prof Accred) (MBACP) and then a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner offering consultations for the wonderful Dr Bach flower remedies. I have been honoured to work with many different clients and through my work I have observed many times how true equilibrium can only be achieved within ourselves when we take an holistic approach to our well-being. Because you are unique I offer bespoke sessions for you, holding the space for you to explore what you need in your life. I use therapeutic conversation, flower essences and intuitive guidance to help you uncover your own answers. My aim is to help you get to the root cause of your problems and to empower you to become the expert on yourself.

As a qualified counsellor I also offer walk and talk sessions. A walk and talk session offers the benefits of traditional counselling with the added advantage of the natural healing benefits of being outside in nature.

Sometimes we can feel like we have hit an impasse in areas of our life and do not know how to move forward.  We may need a little help to find the tools that we all have within us. Please contact me if you feel you would like to find out more.

Consultation are available by telephone, email, Zoom or Skype.